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Crystal Glass Nail File


The more hygienic, cost effective way to create healthy and strong natural nails


The file comes with a case to help protect the nail file, keep it clean and transport the nail file so you can carry it with you wherever you go! 


Why Are Glass Nail Files Better Than Normal Emery Boards? 


Emery boards can be rough on the natural nail because of the gritty texture, possibly ripping and tearing the edge of the nails, so even though the nail may look smooth your nails could be susceptible to cracks and flaking. 


Crystal glass nail files still have grit but they are more gentle on the natural nail helping to promote healthier, stronger nail growth. This means you can create a clean, smooth, sealed edge on the nail meaning less peeling, chipping and splitting. The nail file can be used in any direction unlike normal emery files which should only be used in one direction.


The nail file can be used to safely prep the nails before use of gel or normal nail varnish.  


Crystal glass nail files do not tend to wear down quickly and are very hard wearing unlike normal emery boards and, if looked after properly, can last a very long time!  


How To Clean The Glass Nail File 


Rinsing with soap and water after every use will help to make your nail file last as long as possible. Dry the file off with a towel and store back in the case. You can also spray with disinfectant, before and after use, reducing the risk of nail infections.  

Do not leave submerged in water. 


Colours: Green/Purple/White


Size: 12mm x 140mm


Can Be Used For Professional Or Home Use



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