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Classic Mixed Tray Extensions


Classic Lashes are perfect for a client looking for a more natural effect as one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. They are also a great option for clients that have lovely, natural lashes but want to add some length or give the ‘mascara’ look. Classic lashes are a good starting point if clients are new to extensions and slightly unsure what look will suit them


Lash Curl


Xceed Classic Lashes are available in curl C / CC / D which provide the following looks:

  • C CURL -  Natural effect - fits almost any eye type and known to be the most popular curl
  • CC CURL - Opens up the eye, slightly dramatic, use to create the curly lifted look
  • D CURL -  Dramatic effect, more noticeable, good to use on naturally curly lashes


Lash Thickness


Xceed Classic Lashes are available in the following thicknesses:  0.10 / 0.15 / 0.20

  • 0.10 mm - Use this thickness to create a very natural effect. Use on fine lashes
  • 0.15 mm - Most popular thickness for Classic Lashes
  • 0.20 mm -  We recommend only using this thickness on healthy, strong lashes

Mixed Trays


Xceed Classic Lashes Mixed Trays consist of lengths: 


1 x 9mm / 2 x 10mm / 2 x 11mm / 2 x 12mm / 2 x 13mm / 2 x 14mm / 1 x 15mm




* Please always advise your customers on the correct aftercare and how to look after their lashes safely

* Please always choose the right diameter and length suitable for each client's natural eyelash

* Please note, the magnet enclosure on the box needs to be removed before placing in the recycling bin

* For best results, we advise using with Xceed Lash Products


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