Patch Testing Guidelines

Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in Lash Extension Adhesive and the cause of most reactions. Patch testing with the adhesive will cause an immediate reaction but will not show if a reaction will develop over time. The majority of lash adhesive reactions are cumulative, meaning they will build up over time and so even if your client has worn lash extensions for a long period of time they could still develop a reaction or sensitivity to the glue. Unfortunately, if they develop a reaction to Cyanoacrylate, it is recommended that they do not continue having lash extensions and try an alternative treatment such as a lash lift

At your client’s patch testing appointment, always ensure the client has signed and dated a patch testing form to say they have received the patch test and understand what they must do and what signs to look out for

All new clients must be patch tested even if they have had lash extensions previously by another lash technician

There are two different ways of patch testing Eyelash Adhesive

Option 1

Using a micro brush, apply a small amount of lash adhesive behind the client’s ear. Ask the client to wait at least 24 hours before removing it to see if any reaction occurs. If the client feels burning, itching, swelling or any kind of discomfort, they should remove the adhesive straight away with cold water and inform you. If the discomfort continues after 24 hours of removing the adhesive they should seek medical advice

Be sure to make a note on the client’s patch testing form where on the ear you placed the adhesive

This is the recommended method for patch testing Strip Lash Adhesive

Option 2

Apply a few eyelash extensions to both of the client’s eyes using the products you will be using in their treatment. Ask the client to wait at least 24 hours before removing the lash extensions to ensure no reaction has developed. If the client develops any itching, swelling, burning or any kind of discomfort the lashes must be removed immediately.

Rinse the eye with cold water and if it continues after 24 hours seek medical advice

Be sure to make a note of the products used on the client’s patch testing form

This is the recommended method for patch testing Lash Extension Adhesive

If the client does suffer from a reaction the main appointment will need to be cancelled

Patch tests should always be carried out at least 48 hours before the client’s first appointment and we recommend re-patch testing every 6 months or after any change to their medical details. However, please check with your insurers as they may ask for more frequent patch tests to be carried out.

If a client has very sensitive skin or an allergy to plasters, you could also patch test the Lash Tape and Under Eye Pads to ensure they are fine to be used during the treatment
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