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Xceed Beauty Supplies is a UK based, family run business with over ten years experience in the industry. Climate change and the ever growing concern for our environment is now such a major global issue that it made us, as beauty salon owners, more mindful of our responsibility towards a cleaner more sustainable business practice


After two years of researching and testing professional lash products and other beauty accessories, we were finally able to open Xceed Beauty Supplies in 2021. All the products sold on our website are used by us, as trained professionals, and enjoyed by our clients!  


We are very aware of the carbon footprint involved in running a business. To help with this, we have proudly teamed up with Ecologi to help reduce our carbon footprint! Ecologi was originally founded in Bristol, they fund projects all over the world to help with the climate crisis and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Please visit ecologi.com to find out more

At Xceed Beauty Supplies we will donate 2% of every order towards planting trees and buying carbon offsets

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